4.7 Out

Tuesday September 28th, 1999

4.7 is out and available and available for download here. Get it while it's hot.

#44 IE is far more reliable than 4.61

by leafdigital

Thursday September 30th, 1999 7:17 AM

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IE is *far* more reliable than 4.61. Crashes with IE are a very occasional thing for most people. I know several who switched to IE for that reason alone.

As I noted above, on initial viewing, 4.7 appears to be more reliable than 4.61 (i.e. it hasn't crashed for me yet), so if that is genuinely the case, IE and Netscape may be roughly equivalent now. MAY be.

I agree though, I'm hoping Mozilla will be reliable right from the start, and actually the last milestone build didn't seem too buggy considering it was pre-pre-beta software... but hope and reality don't always match, and this WILL be a "1.0" product, whatever the version number :)