4.7 Out

Tuesday September 28th, 1999

4.7 is out and available and available for download here. Get it while it's hot.

#25 Feeling Sorry for Netscape

by Anon

Wednesday September 29th, 1999 5:43 PM

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Calm down buddy,.. How does window resizing have to do with anything? For one,.. netscape refreshes the page when you change size,.. How many people resize their windows often?

Microsoft's implementation of Java is rather flawed,.. ask any big java developer.

You can fix your layer problem with a few lines of code,... I had a good site on multi browser CSS'ness.... and testing in both IE and netscape,.. netscape worked better (Yes, I do understand it IS missing a lot though..)

And mozilla being on par with ie4 or ie5? the current state of mozilla has a near perfect CSS implentation,.. ie's is STILL flawed to hell and buggy. Ever load up the display tests (the ones that test positioning...).. IE4 does about as well as netscape 4x,.. IE5 does a little better but still leaves some to be desired.. While mozillas render is almost perfect (one or two spots where I noticed things a couple pixles off.. but Im sure that has been fixed by now)..

The current state of mozilla is also a unfinished product. The email client has just started to become usable for example. And there is a LOT of debug code slowing things down. Sooner or later the debug code will be removed and optimization will take place.

And no one said NS 4.7 had any real advantage over IE5,.. from what I understand its more PR than anything. I still prefer using navigator... and 90% of that is because there is no IE for my platform. the other 10% is because IE has a few things I really do not like.

So in other words,.. relax :)