More Third-Party Innovation: XMLTerm

Monday September 27th, 1999

R. Saravanan has sent in to us a copy of his recent posting to the xpfe and unix newsgroups. He writes:

"XMLterm: an experimental Mozilla terminal

Real time chat ...
Real time messaging ...
Now, real time computing ... (no controversies here, I hope!)

An early prototype of XMLterm, an XTERM-like terminal program implemented using the Mozilla layout engine, is now available to tinker with. XMLterm aims to add graphical and hypertext capabilities to the XTERM command line interface, while maintaining backwards compatibility.

The basic design philosophy of XMLterm is that the user interface is a dynamic XML document. The user and the computer interact by taking turns at appending to this XML document. The plain text content of the XML document, i.e., excluding any markup, corresponds to the plain text that would be displayed by a plain XTERM. The markup in the XML document is used to add graphical and hypertext features. XMLterm uses the Mozilla layout engine to display the XML document.

See for more information, screenshots, and downloads. XMLterm is a non-commercial open source project in its early stages. Comments and contributions are welcome!"

Definitely check it out! You can download the source, or, if using Linux, you can download a binary for use with M9. There's a lot to see at that site (and quite a bit not mentioned in his announcement). What are "Pagelets"? I'll let you find out for yourself, but they're worth seeing.

#13 More Third-Party Innovation: XMLTerm

by Tekhir

Monday September 27th, 1999 9:51 PM

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I see what you are saying now. These new generations of xp developers should not expect to get everything they need integrated into mozilla. But then again I cant think of too many things that cannot be done with mozilla now. Any bloat, robust can mean bloat or error proof, they want to add has to be done on their end. Through modified code or plugins, unless it is a killer feature.

Most of the apps I see now are just hook up the piece that are in the codebase. I believe that this and that irc client network code has to be in necko.

I think the orginial purpose of Java has be tarnished by the web. It was design to interact with cell phones and toasters and not really much else. But it was extended and now its everywhere, except on Be (port people port). I love Java, its a nice language but dhtml is even easier in some cases. not as powerful but easier.

If they relly want to run with this idea there is one really good way to do it. Orcale put a microkernel into one of their dbs, I believe its 8i. Lets slap one onto mozilla. Now instead of acting as a vm or an OS, it is the OS. A truely frightening idea for most companies since a browser can do basically everything that most people need (word processing, internet, basic games).