Update On Mozilla Goods

Thursday September 23rd, 1999

I just got off the phone with Paula at the Netscape Store. Not only do they have Mozilla products for sale, but they have a new item as well. Their website should be going back online in a few weeks. If you want Mozilla stuff now, you can call up the store at 650.937.2372 between 10am and 3pm PST Monday through Friday. Listed below are the Mozilla products they currently have for sale:

Stuffed Mozilla
Mozilla T-Shirt (white/ash) in L/XL/XXL
"DaVinci Mozilla" Mousepad
NEW: Mozilla Golfballs with "Golfing Mozilla"
"Waving Mozilla" (black/white)

#1 Stuffed Mozilla

by Anon

Thursday September 23rd, 1999 2:54 PM

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I want a stuffed Mozilla... to put next to my Tux :). Do they take international orders? (Sweden)