MathML Has Landed

Tuesday September 21st, 1999

Mike Shaver has landed the work of the MathML group in the tree. It's not available in the nightlies yet, but you can pull the MathML code and build it, if you're so inclined. You can find instructions in the MathML newsgroup. Check the "M9 released-- MathML landing?" thread for pull instructions. We'll let you know when it enters the nightly builds.

Thanks to Jeroen C. van Gelderen for the news.

#1 Re: MathML Has Landed

by sdm

Wednesday September 22nd, 1999 11:51 AM

So, I wonder how different the MathML code is from a potential SVG implementation. Any takers?

#2 MathML Has Landed

by Anon

Wednesday September 22nd, 1999 5:23 PM

The similarity with MathML and SVG is that both need custom 'frames'. In the case of MathML, the content of frames is standard text (or content that is described with glyphs of existing fonts). Therefore, the final rendering is performed by current Gecko primitives and that's why the MathML engine is turning out compact. Where most of the work lies is in positioning the 'frames', the Style System, and the special treatment needed by the so-called 'stretchy symbols'. [OK, getting things to work pleasantly is not straightforward, and there are some tags that are just hard to implement like mtable]

In the case of SVG, the content of a 'frame' can be a geometric shape for which no drawing primitive exists within Gecko. Moreover, there are animation/effects that can be applied to these graphics. Hence more groundwork is needed to extend gfx with a good number of primitives.

#3 SVG

by davefiddes

Thursday September 23rd, 1999 4:13 PM

I'm hoping to get a student that I've had working for my group over the summer (and has seen some of the MathML work) looking into this as part of his final year honours project...

Hopefully this might spur others on to really get the project moving....

#4 MathML?

by darkmane

Tuesday September 28th, 1999 4:04 PM

Ok, I'm confused if MathML is just a DOCTYPE of XML why does code have to be put in Mozilla?