Dave Titus On The Missing Green Lizard

Tuesday September 21st, 1999

Wondering why all the Mozilla merchandise has disappeared from the Netscape Store? So has Dave Titus. Who's Dave Titus? Well, read on, and you'll find out.

Dave writes, "What happened to Mozilla, the official Netscape mascot?

Is the little green guy ever going to bless the pages of Netscape or Mozilla related web sites again? It seems like the advent of Netscape and the Mozilla software originally went hand in hand with Mozilla the mascot, but since AOL got into the picture all mention of him and the attitude he represented with those dedicated to Netscape was pushed away and sent into the circular file. I want him back and so do alot of dedicated Netscape/Mozilla surfers.

Clothing, bags, clocks, watches, stuffed animals, mugs, scarves, jackets and much, much more was all developed and sold to the general public by Netscape. How can this kind of popularity be forgotten so easily and how can we lay to rest our 'Web travel guide', Mozilla, who so generously gave himself to the world and was a veritable icon of the beginnings of the Internet as we know it today.

As creator of Mozilla the mascot, I've received mail from all over the world; Japan, Sweden, Germany, Australia and many other places praising the existence of mozilla as someone who warms the heart and brightens up the Internet experience.

Mozilla needs to keep walking the Web and should not be abandoned by those who brought him into the world."

I agree. I was looking to purchase some more of the Mozilla stuffed animals for promotions and such. Netscape, what's going on?

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by Kovu <>

Tuesday September 21st, 1999 1:16 PM

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You would have to take the sales figures for the merchandise into account as far as that goes. I bet that all that stuff sold not enough to bother keeping in stock.

<> (the open source Netscape directory) still has moz up in many places, including buttons to link to dmoz. Netscape pulled him off of their main pages long before AOL, I'm afraid, and he was just pretty much left as merchandise that likely no one knew what the heck was for.

As far as the sites, moz is not a green lizard at (he's a big, red TREX) and not present in any form here - the very Zine of mozilla - nor to my knowledge has he ever been. Here we have a blimp. That can't help matters.

Finally, the sad fact is that most Netscape users today have never heard of mozilla. In any case, as the browsers will be seperate (Mozilla is a base for the Navigator browser, but also for others) it follows that the images of the two browsers have diverged and will continue to do so. IMHO, if you want Mozilla to continue to have an identity, mozilla pages need to follow suit. Maybe you could ask Dave for a new moz holding a Zine for this site.