Whatever Happened to the Netscape Hype?

Monday September 21st, 1998

George Giannukos writes in with an interesting question:

"I remember those days when Netscape's servers would be overwhelmed with traffic of people trying to get their copy of the newest most popular application on the net.

Nowadays you see Netscape doing all these little updates with small enhancements...

So I guess my question is, 'Why is this happening and do ya'll think Netscape 5.0 will stop this trend?'"

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by Erik Arvidsson <>

Wednesday September 23rd, 1998 4:59 AM

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What! Isn't NGLayout going to be used in Mozilla 5? If it is going to use the old layout engine there is actully no nedd to release it. This is the main advantage IE has over NN.

And by the way. Netscape CSS really sucks. As a developer I can't stand designing for netscape because it just won't work as supposed. FIX CSS!!!

p.s. Maybe I didn't get that about the layout engine but the one used in NN2+ is the worst I've ever seen (maybe not). Have you tried to disconnect and then resized your browser window?