Whatever Happened to the Netscape Hype?

Monday September 21st, 1998

George Giannukos writes in with an interesting question:

"I remember those days when Netscape's servers would be overwhelmed with traffic of people trying to get their copy of the newest most popular application on the net.

Nowadays you see Netscape doing all these little updates with small enhancements...

So I guess my question is, 'Why is this happening and do ya'll think Netscape 5.0 will stop this trend?'"

#5 Re:Whatever Happened to the Netscape Hype?

by Steve Parkinson <>

Tuesday September 22nd, 1998 7:37 PM

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Netscape went back to create a browser-only version of communicator - known internally as 'ratbert'. I can only assume that it's not worth the effort to do this. Also remember that Messenger still forms part of the deal for most of the enterprise contracts Netscape deal with. You pretty much get composer for free when you get Messenger, since messenger needs to edit HTML mail, and the advantages are enormous.

When started, the understanding was that if people wanted to make browsers for specific tasks, then that would probably happen. Personally, I'm a little surprised that no-one has customized mozilla for porn viewing (I'm serious) - think of all you could do - stop those pop-up windows, midi files, redirects, manage accounts and passwords, etc. Netscape's focus for Communicator - for the corporate customer (e.g. LDAP, IMAP, CSS), are very different from the average user (dialup, performance) so you have to expect features like LDAP to be in the product - you can't just say 'get rid of it - it's useless'

Tumbleweed - you should be filing bugs and providing test cases - look at the site. Genuinely, if they are really bugs in tables layout, and you can demonstrate them, they stand a high chance of getting fixed. Go find the module owners for 'layout' and send them an email with some examples.

Lastly, you should check out the latest builds - I think you'll be impressed!