Z39.50/RDF Integration Project

Thursday September 16th, 1999

A project documented at aims to integrate Mozilla's RDF capability with the ANSI/NISO Z39.50 specification for information retrieval in a client/server environment. The Z39.50 protocol is used in many bibliographic and digital library applications, and the project aims to make it possible to query the thousands of Z39.50 connected servers from Mozilla, with the results appearing in Mozilla's sidebar. This is another great project brought to you by that supposedly non-existent group of third-party Mozilla developers. One of the project's contacts works for the Z39.50 Maintenance Agency. Good qualification, I would think.

Thanks to Joerg Beierle for the news.

#7 Why Z39.50/RDF Integration Project is important

by Anon

Saturday September 18th, 1999 9:49 AM

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Several comments on the Z39.50/RDF Integration Project express concerns that efforts should be directed to completing the core and debugging activities.

Although I am as eager as most of the people visiting this site for a usable version of Mozilla, I think Z39.50 support is extremely important.

I give two reasons for this:

1) support for technologies like Z39.50 and MathML is the only way to convince the world that Mozilla is more than just "a better mousetrap".

2) Z39.50/RDF Integration has an importance in itself: it merges two fundamental ways to access information. Mozilla with Z39.50 support allows access by navigation on the one hand and search and retrieval on the other. Navigation is the preferred way on the web and it is mostly used for human visual consumption. Z39.50 is about data access on the semantic level.

Richard Philips <>