Mozilla Plug-in API Now Online

Thursday September 16th, 1999

The Plug-in API spec is now online, so if you are interested in creating a new plugin within the new spec, or upgrading an old plugin to take advantage of the new APIs, be sure to check it out. Also important to note is that upgrading does not come at the expense of backwards compatibility.

There's also a curious reference to "Netscape Navigator 2000". Please, say it ain't so!

Thanks to Willy Wonka for the news.

#10 Browser name

by skortze <>

Thursday September 16th, 1999 8:15 PM

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The problem with years instead of a version number is that it does not give the user any idea of how much the product has been changed or improved. Is it a major or minor upgrade or just a maintenance release?

As far as the Navigator or Communicator name, there are a lot of people who do not know one from the other. To a large number of people it is just Netscape. To test this, ask a casual user what browser they are using. If they say "Netscape," ask them if it is Navigator or Communicator and prepare to get a blank stare.