Salon Magazine on Andreesen's Departure and Mozilla

Wednesday September 15th, 1999

Salon Magazine's article "Goodbye, Internet poster boy" discusses Marc Andreesen's departure from AOL, and along the way the author decides to take some potshots at Mozilla.

His opinions seem culled entirely from articles in the mainstream press, including CNet's article on the "competition" between Robert Ginda's IRC client for Mozilla and AOL's Instant Messenger. Cut-and-paste journalism at its finest. Why search out your own truth when there are so many versions just a Ctrl-V away?

Thanks to Hervé Renault for the news.

#6 Regardless of what the press is saying....

by Anon

Thursday September 16th, 1999 11:57 AM

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...Mozilla has a definite PR problem. Perhaps it would behoove AOL/Netscape (if they really care) to dedicate some resources to spin control: something that seems to have been largely missing for some time.

Or maybe spin and PR are irrelevant and the end result is all that matters?