Salon Magazine on Andreesen's Departure and Mozilla

Wednesday September 15th, 1999

Salon Magazine's article "Goodbye, Internet poster boy" discusses Marc Andreesen's departure from AOL, and along the way the author decides to take some potshots at Mozilla.

His opinions seem culled entirely from articles in the mainstream press, including CNet's article on the "competition" between Robert Ginda's IRC client for Mozilla and AOL's Instant Messenger. Cut-and-paste journalism at its finest. Why search out your own truth when there are so many versions just a Ctrl-V away?

Thanks to Hervé Renault for the news.

#3 Re: I've heard it before...

by FrodoB

Wednesday September 15th, 1999 10:24 PM

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I've heard it before, too. Some places still sing Apple's death knell (the stock is the highest it's been in the 90's; what the hell is alive to them?). What I find ironic is that, in this world where it's acceptable to write articles about the deaths of companies that still fully develop, Linux is getting good press. Macs are getting bad-mouthed for being non-Microsoft, Mozilla is getting bad-mouthed for being non-Microsoft and unfinished after a year (even though it took an evolutionary release of IE 1.5 years to be released!). And yet, Linux gets good press, predominantly (C|net's constant bad-mouthing of anything non-Microsoft seems to have an exception in Linux for some reason or another, lately; Jesse Berst still praises unproven technologies and condemns proven ones, like Linux, the Mac, etc., as often as ever). It's a weird scenario.