Salon Magazine on Andreesen's Departure and Mozilla

Wednesday September 15th, 1999

Salon Magazine's article "Goodbye, Internet poster boy" discusses Marc Andreesen's departure from AOL, and along the way the author decides to take some potshots at Mozilla.

His opinions seem culled entirely from articles in the mainstream press, including CNet's article on the "competition" between Robert Ginda's IRC client for Mozilla and AOL's Instant Messenger. Cut-and-paste journalism at its finest. Why search out your own truth when there are so many versions just a Ctrl-V away?

Thanks to Hervé Renault for the news.

#1 IRC competing with AOL?

by gerbilpower <>

Wednesday September 15th, 1999 5:39 PM

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Can anyone imagine IRC competing with AOL's AIM? I just can't even dream of that happening, IRC and AIM are too different to compete with each other. Each has it's own niche.

And where did the idea of this come from anyway?