Jazilla Regains Footing

Tuesday September 14th, 1999

Matthew Schmidt has good news for Java proponents:

"In the last few months, Jazilla has gained speed as the programmers that were involved have regained interest in light of recent motivation and some new interest in the project. Work has begun on an open source pure Java renderer, but the project needs help. Anyone with experience on the Swing Text package or the Swing HTML package is definitely wanted, although we will take anyone who wants to help. Check out the Go Jazillian! website for the latest news and downloads. To offer your help, send a post to Thanks for your time."

#3 Re: Jazilla Regains Footing

by Anon

Wednesday September 15th, 1999 6:16 PM

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Well Jazilla was initially a rewrite (port?) of mozilla to Java, as it progressed, we sorta strayed from that as a straight port was messy and added our own elements, but have retained our alliance to Mozilla. As to rendering HTML pages, Jazilla will, if we could get someone to send us the webshell.dll from the blackwood project. No-one in our program has what is needed to compile that. If anyone compiles that for us, send it to mailto:<>

As to the instructions for the jar file, I'll put those on there tonight. Thanks for showing me the shortsightedness on my part.