New NGLayout Build Online!

Monday September 21st, 1998

Two new NGLayout builds (standard and debug) are online for Win32 systems. These are dated September 20th (the last was September 10th).

To get there click on fetchBuilds at right.

Just a quick note: I downloaded the standard build and ran it, chose Javascript Console from the Tools menu, and my machine froze mightily. So don't say you haven't been warned!

#5 Re:New NGLayout Build Online!

by Aleks <>

Tuesday September 22nd, 1998 7:41 PM

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I compared IE4 (Win98) and NGLayout using the test pages that come with NGLayout. I loaded them into NGLayout and IE4 and resized and moved the windows and stuff. For most of the demos you can't tell the difference on my P2-333/400 with ATI 3D Rage. However, for the table "stress test" and the resized animated GIF, NGLayout was much faster than IE4. IE4 almost froze my machine while the animated gif was on, but NGLayout kept chugging. The tables refreshed very slowly on IE4 when I resized the window, and NGLayout was faster there.

I don't have numbers, but I think for most pages the difference between IE4 and NGLayout is not very noticable, and NGLayout beats IE4 on complex pages.