A Reader Calls On MS To Adopt Mozilla's Rendering Engine

Tuesday September 14th, 1999

Dave Usher of Tiny Communications, a new free-access Internet service in the UK, writes, "Inspired by the recent discussions on MozillaZine I've written an open letter advocating that Microsoft adopt the NGlayout (Gecko) code for their IE rendering engine."

An interesting idea, IMO, which would preserve standards compliance on all platforms while allowing browser makers to compete in the user-interface arena. Instead of putting out competing (and incompatible) rendering engines, why not rally around a single rendering engine which could help guarantee standards compliance by virtue of its Open Source nature and cross-platform architecture?

#12 Re:We need more engines not one

by davefiddes

Wednesday September 15th, 1999 2:51 AM

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I have to agree with this point of view.

What we need are a bundle of standards compliant web browsers. Each advancing the state of the art in their own way not one unified browser.

If you think back to when Netscape was the "one" browser before IE and Opera we're serious choices... Netscape was forever setting the defacto standard and ignoring existing standards efforts. Admitedly this was because the standards were insufficient but even so the same situation would arise again should NGLayout become the rendering engine of the web.

The fact that the browser is Open Source would probably accelerate the effect I suspect. Anyone who has been part of an active OSS development has seen how it can sometimes snowball...

Another reason for not wanting NGLayout to become the rendering engine of the net is that is would harm non-PC like devices like handhelds. By sticking to standards it will be possible to build sites that degrade gracefully on lower spec platforms like PDAs/phones which will not be capable of running Mozilla for some time.