Request From MZ

Monday September 13th, 1999

There has been mention in a previous forum that IE's rendering engine on the Mac (Tasman) utilizes Mozilla code. However, no proof was given of this (and we find it hard to believe, to tell you the truth). We're interested in knowing one way or another, so if someone could provide more information, we'd appreciate it. Until then we'll view this as nothing more than rumour.

#9 Who the hell...

by Anon

Tuesday September 14th, 1999 7:36 AM

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Who the hell is going to want to even look at this 'open source' code with all the flak that is spewing out over this. MZ should have let that topic die but nooooo they had to go make an entire new article spolighting the 'possiblity' that MS 'may' be using mozilla source as a POC for one of their products. And look at all the shit! Man, if I was an independent developer or corporation that wanted to use MZ source, I'd think again after seeing these threads. It's OPEN source, so keep an OPEN MIND to whomever wants to use it. SHEESH