Request From MZ

Monday September 13th, 1999

There has been mention in a previous forum that IE's rendering engine on the Mac (Tasman) utilizes Mozilla code. However, no proof was given of this (and we find it hard to believe, to tell you the truth). We're interested in knowing one way or another, so if someone could provide more information, we'd appreciate it. Until then we'll view this as nothing more than rumour.

#15 If this is true....

by Anon

Tuesday September 14th, 1999 12:52 PM

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If this is true I'd have to congratulate Microsoft completely for making a sensible decision as long as they abide by the terms of the NPL and don't keep it a secret that they are using Mozilla code then I congratulate them.

We can then be part of a world where web pages can be written to follow the standards and will display the same in the two major browsers. MS can then add extra features to the IE branded 'Mozilla' just like AOL will to the Netscape branded Mozilla. However I hope MS does engage in the open source spirit and even if they don't want to open source any of their own stuff (such as Outlook Express) then I still hope they'll contribute a few coders to Gecko (which'll be the part of Mozilla, if any, they use) because AOL will probably pull the plug on the Netscape developers if they thought MS was leeching off their code.

So please let's hope this be true. If Microsoft do this it'll show that perhaps they are committed to standards and we can then choose between Netscape 5.0 and IE based on features as they'll both be standards based. All the web developers in the world would really love this and it would be good publicity for Microsoft as well as Mozilla.