Change to MZ

Saturday September 11th, 1999

I've made a change to MozillaZine's back-end that will be a great benefit if any MySQL problems crop up. In the past, when you visited the front page, I used PHP to dynamically grab the count of responses per article - a task that required connecting to the database. Now, the page is static, and it is regenerated every time someone adds a comment in the forums. This means that I was able to do away with all the dynamic code on the front page, without any sacrifice.

Now, if MySQL problems crop up, they'll affect the subpages which require dynamic content from the database (forums, polls), but the front page will still be reachable.

There may be some bugs that I haven't found yet, so let me know if you find any.

Thanks to Ben Goodger for his advice, which allowed me to accomplish this task in a sensible way.

#11 Source Code

by Anon

Sunday September 12th, 1999 3:04 PM

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I'll really be interested in seeing the source code to this site (released under the MPL of course!), it'd be a great help for people who want to develop similar sites as well as being in the general spirit of Mozilla (you'd also get a few bug fixers!).

The problem with the Slashdot source is they don't keep the latest version available for download and it's written in Perl and I prefer PHP3.