Change to MZ

Saturday September 11th, 1999

I've made a change to MozillaZine's back-end that will be a great benefit if any MySQL problems crop up. In the past, when you visited the front page, I used PHP to dynamically grab the count of responses per article - a task that required connecting to the database. Now, the page is static, and it is regenerated every time someone adds a comment in the forums. This means that I was able to do away with all the dynamic code on the front page, without any sacrifice.

Now, if MySQL problems crop up, they'll affect the subpages which require dynamic content from the database (forums, polls), but the front page will still be reachable.

There may be some bugs that I haven't found yet, so let me know if you find any.

Thanks to Ben Goodger for his advice, which allowed me to accomplish this task in a sensible way.

#1 Here's a test

by mozineAdmin

Saturday September 11th, 1999 8:32 AM

There should now be one response listed on the front page, under this news item.

#2 Here's a test

by mozineAdmin

Saturday September 11th, 1999 8:34 AM

Now there should be two. This should also make the front page a bit faster, although I don't think the MySQL queries bogged down the front page loading much, if at all.

#3 Just one more test...

by mozineAdmin

Saturday September 11th, 1999 9:10 AM

Made a back-end change. Wanna see if everything's still in order.

#4 Change to MZ

by Lynggaard

Saturday September 11th, 1999 9:24 AM

seems to work from here

#5 Final test

by mozineAdmin

Saturday September 11th, 1999 2:00 PM

We now also update the XML file grabbed by MyNetscape, so you should be able to see the responses there, as well. Click the link below to see the file MyNetscape grabs (I know it's labelled RDF - I just didn't bother changing the name). The first news item should have a (5) beside the name, since this is the fifth post to this forum.

#6 Domino Server

by Anon

Saturday September 11th, 1999 9:09 PM

I run my discussions on a Domino R5 server and I am very pleased. Although some people tell me that the Domino object store will run into some problems when it exceeds 1,000,000 db entries.

This is due to the non-relational object store. Yet, this is what makes it so cool. The built-in database allows users to attach files, type text, etc...

I have 2 clustered Domino servers. One on NT and one on Linux.

#7 "mysql problems"

by petejc

Sunday September 12th, 1999 11:58 AM

I will bet good money that your problem was an administration problem and not a mysql problem.

I use php and mysql on a number of heavy loaded servers and have never had either program crash. In fact i have never had any problems at all with these programs.

I have in the past shutdown mysql incorrectly and had to remove it's pid which usually resides in /tmp in order to get it to start. But that was an administration blunder on my part.


#10 "mysql problems"

by mozineAdmin

Sunday September 12th, 1999 2:12 PM

Right - it wasn't a MySQL problem per se, but an ip mismatch, which didn't allow me to connect to the MySQL server. MySQL works well, but I couldn't let some problem with connecting to my database (whether MySQL's fault or not) make it impossible to reach the site at all (which is what happened).

#8 Change to MZ

by HoserHead

Sunday September 12th, 1999 1:25 PM

Check the little poll - it appears that we're not allowed to vote anymore? =)

#9 Change to MZ

by gerbilpower

Sunday September 12th, 1999 1:46 PM

You're only allowed to vote once so after you already voted, you won't get the option to vote anymore. This is done with cookies . . . yum.

#11 Source Code

by Anon

Sunday September 12th, 1999 3:04 PM

I'll really be interested in seeing the source code to this site (released under the MPL of course!), it'd be a great help for people who want to develop similar sites as well as being in the general spirit of Mozilla (you'd also get a few bug fixers!).

The problem with the Slashdot source is they don't keep the latest version available for download and it's written in Perl and I prefer PHP3.