IE's New Rendering Engine

Friday September 10th, 1999

IE will be utilizing a new rendering engine in v5 for Mac, according to this article at TechWeb. And here's a Flash demo to show you what it's all about. A bit weak on specifics, though. If their browser was Open Source, maybe they wouldn't have to resort to using a cartoon called ZipIE as their technical contact.

Thanks to Adam Lock for the news.

#54 IE's New Rendering Engine

by PaulA <>

Monday September 13th, 1999 12:07 PM

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Having incompatible versions of IE across platforms is nothing new. Every release of Mac IE since 3.0 has been mostly unrelated, codewise, to the Windows version. Even the win16 versions have little in common with their win32 counterparts.

I don't actually know why, but it's a fair guess that Microsoft's win32 programmers don't write portable code. They have access to the complete win32 API, after all, and coded toward OS integration.

But frankly the differences between platforms are still so great as to suggest the products were developed in isolation.