IE's New Rendering Engine

Friday September 10th, 1999

IE will be utilizing a new rendering engine in v5 for Mac, according to this article at TechWeb. And here's a Flash demo to show you what it's all about. A bit weak on specifics, though. If their browser was Open Source, maybe they wouldn't have to resort to using a cartoon called ZipIE as their technical contact.

Thanks to Adam Lock for the news.

#53 At least they have a release date

by Anon

Monday September 13th, 1999 9:47 AM

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are you kidding when you write "extras like XUL and XPCOM" ?

I don't see those as being "extras". They look rather like building blocks for the future.

and be patient ! don't you prefer to wait a few months to have an innovative software than have another classical one right now ?