IE's New Rendering Engine

Friday September 10th, 1999

IE will be utilizing a new rendering engine in v5 for Mac, according to this article at TechWeb. And here's a Flash demo to show you what it's all about. A bit weak on specifics, though. If their browser was Open Source, maybe they wouldn't have to resort to using a cartoon called ZipIE as their technical contact.

Thanks to Adam Lock for the news.

#5 Whatever

by Luddite

Friday September 10th, 1999 7:26 AM

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This is news dating back to when the iBook was announced. This was supposed to be out in Fall but was pushed back to Winter. IIRC, When IE4.5 was released in January they claimed IE5/Mac would be out in the Summer.

Regardless, I'll believe it when I see it. In addition to W3 standards compliance they are supposed to be adding MS DOM so I can actually see Frontpage/MS authored pages correctly without having to wait for people to make W3 compliant pages. Now if they can only carry through with their promises....

They're probably having trouble removing all those Windows OS entanglements from their product! :) And crap like Auction manager is stuff I can do without.