IE's New Rendering Engine

Friday September 10th, 1999

IE will be utilizing a new rendering engine in v5 for Mac, according to this article at TechWeb. And here's a Flash demo to show you what it's all about. A bit weak on specifics, though. If their browser was Open Source, maybe they wouldn't have to resort to using a cartoon called ZipIE as their technical contact.

Thanks to Adam Lock for the news.

#39 I'll Believe it when I see it!

by gerbilpower <>

Saturday September 11th, 1999 8:49 PM

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Short change is right. I did a freelance gig for a web-multimedia company and damn I was almost pulling my hairs out over the incredible inconsistency of IE between Macs and PCs. The only thing consistent with it was that it kept crashing over the course of the day. Microsoft was painfully inconsistent with IE 4.x, and looks like they are doing the same with IE 5.

The standards compliance of Tasman is good news for web developers but why can't MS make two versions of the same product perform exactly the same? With everything aside, the consistency and wide array of platforms Mozilla supports will keep it superior product over IE. Go Mozilla!