CNET Chimes In, States IRC Will Compete With Instant Messenger

Thursday September 9th, 1999's Paul Festa has an article regarding the new IRC and Jabber clients in development, and claims that the IRC will be "in direct competition with AOL's own messaging software", although it's not clear how that would happen. The article also states that Mozilla's beta will be occurring in 4 weeks, which is off by about a 3 to 4 weeks, according to a news post that came out today. There's still a lot of work to be done, but they are making good progress.

Thanks to Kovu for the news.

#5 You want it, work on it!

by Anon

Thursday September 9th, 1999 9:22 PM

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Robert Ginda wanted to see if he could use Mozilla to write an IRC client, so he did.

You want a download manager, contribute towards it. If you can't write code, contribute to discussions in the ui and netlib newsgroups on what you think you'd need from a download manager user interface and what the networking library would need to do to accomodate you. If it's that popular an idea, someone out there will want to work on it.

Mozilla is open source. You get out of it what you put into it.

Ginda wants an IRC client. You want a download manager.

Ginda writes code and contributes to the project. You complain and contribute nothing.

And that's why we have an IRC client and no download manager.