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Tuesday September 7th, 1999

If you are interested in building the IRC client (Unix only at this time), click "Full Article" below for instructions.

Also, Robert Ginda, author of the IRC client mentioned earlier today, writes:

"...The client's output window, including individual messages, is fully CSS stylable based on Channel, User, and Message Type, (as well as a few more obscure properties) in any combination. Screenshots of the client in action are [here].

The code hasn't hit lxr ( yet, but a bonsai query for, showing checkins in the last week, should turn up a complete log."

#2 Connecting with the client...

by Anon

Tuesday September 7th, 1999 3:28 PM

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I forgot to mention what to do with the client once you've gotten it built... /nick <your-nick> /network linuxnet /connect /join #mozilla

Rob (forgot my password) Ginda