New IRC Client

Tuesday September 7th, 1999

Robert Ginda has checked in his IRC client into the tree. Like the XSLT engine, it's not built by default yet, and according to Rob "I'm working on gettting --enable-extension=irc to work, until then making it is too much of a kludge to publish :)".

We'll let you know when it's testable, but for now you can view the README or check out the code.

Thanks to Steve Morrison (who maintains our ChromeZone area) for the news.

#3 It came from Tim Berners-Lee

by mozineAdmin

Tuesday September 7th, 1999 10:20 AM

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As I recall, Tim Berners-Lee stated in an interview that he always felt that the browser client would aggregate many different protocols and not just be a hypertext browser. And if you think about it, browsers already do that, without the mail/news clients. You browse websites, FTP sites, and maybe even a gopher site on occasion. Why shouldn't you be able to connect to an IRC channel as well?

So, from the beginning of the idea of the browser was the concept of the client handling many different protocols.

If you look here


you'll see that even at the beginning Tim was thinking of interlinking not only documents, but news posts, directory services, file systems, and databases as well.