New IRC Client

Tuesday September 7th, 1999

Robert Ginda has checked in his IRC client into the tree. Like the XSLT engine, it's not built by default yet, and according to Rob "I'm working on gettting --enable-extension=irc to work, until then making it is too much of a kludge to publish :)".

We'll let you know when it's testable, but for now you can view the README or check out the code.

Thanks to Steve Morrison (who maintains our ChromeZone area) for the news.

#20 much more than an irc-client

by Anon

Monday September 13th, 1999 5:44 AM

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It should be noted that this isn't your run-off-the-mill irc-client. This project was started out as a BitchX-plugin, but was extended with it's own OM which is now 100% scriptable in it's own "javascript-flavor". Now, as I see it, the possibilities are humongous. Allowing one single program to sustain an indefinite number of simultanous connections. Apply this to an irc-bot-version ala eggdrop. For those who know and love irc-bots (eggdrops in particular :o)), you already know the interactive limitations. Now, as I see it, we can have an irc-bot/client which is easily scriptable, multiconnected to an infinite amount of networks of different protocols, AND (here it is) is genuinely real-time scriptable with it's own development-suite. Imagine your own personal robot/irc-client picking up your e-mail, ICQ-msg's, IRC-msgs and post them to your favorite newsgroups, notifies you when a certain page is updated, and crosslinking all these. Some of you may call this bloat , I call this kung-fu

And it's opensource to boot!