New IRC Client

Tuesday September 7th, 1999

Robert Ginda has checked in his IRC client into the tree. Like the XSLT engine, it's not built by default yet, and according to Rob "I'm working on gettting --enable-extension=irc to work, until then making it is too much of a kludge to publish :)".

We'll let you know when it's testable, but for now you can view the README or check out the code.

Thanks to Steve Morrison (who maintains our ChromeZone area) for the news.

#2 Kitchen sink module? :)

by leafdigital

Tuesday September 7th, 1999 9:37 AM

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Sigh. Why is there this perceived need to integrate *everything* into the Web client? It's okay to have a separate program, folks... :)

Kitchen-sinkism is a bad thing.

Or did I miss the point, and this actually *is* a separate program, but simply happens to share Mozilla code (incuding obviously JavaScript parser)? Which would make much more sense.

Disclaimer: I'm the author of leafChat, a fairly successful shareware IRC client (currently available only for Windows, but I'm working on it) so I do have some personal interest :)

Secondary disclaimer: It *is* kind of cool to see that you can write an IRC client in JavaScript, though... :)