Whatever Became of Composer?

Saturday September 19th, 1998

On a slow news Saturday, Jason Kersey, the MozBin Admin, writes in with some questions for us. Jason asks, "What's happened to Composer? Is it dead? It seems that is has not changed since 4.0. Its toolbars remain the same and nothing has been added. Should composer be kept?"

What do you think?

#6 Re:Whatever Became of Composer?

by George Giannukos <>

Saturday September 19th, 1998 3:44 PM

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I say leave it out, but keep it as a separate program. I think Netscape should split all of their apps into different programs and you can choose if you want them or not..

I have used Composer just to start my site then i normally, use Notepad, so i have found it useful.

I think they should also drop AOLIM if you ask me or atlest have an option not to download it..