Whatever Became of Composer?

Saturday September 19th, 1998

On a slow news Saturday, Jason Kersey, the MozBin Admin, writes in with some questions for us. Jason asks, "What's happened to Composer? Is it dead? It seems that is has not changed since 4.0. Its toolbars remain the same and nothing has been added. Should composer be kept?"

What do you think?

#28 Composer? Better than nothing

by SuperSamat <>

Sunday October 4th, 1998 12:56 AM

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Well, Composer (right now anyway) is a free WYSIWIG editor.

It's problems, it's slow, clunky, has a miserable refresh on Windows, and lacks support for today's tech.

On the good side, it's awesome. Compared to something miserable such as FrontPad included with IE4 (curses!), it's one of the best things you can get for free. More and more people are making web pages out there, and having a good editor to make good pages for the browser is not a bad idea. Doesn't matter if the thing is put off till the end, if it comes out decent, included Composer will be well worth it.