Whatever Became of Composer?

Saturday September 19th, 1998

On a slow news Saturday, Jason Kersey, the MozBin Admin, writes in with some questions for us. Jason asks, "What's happened to Composer? Is it dead? It seems that is has not changed since 4.0. Its toolbars remain the same and nothing has been added. Should composer be kept?"

What do you think?

#16 Re:Whatever Became of Composer?

by Joshua Go <!>

Sunday September 20th, 1998 6:18 PM

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I've always kind of liked Composer. It's nice and basic, and works just like a word processor. I even started writing a Linux guide (<>) with it just to test it out. But having it taken out won't make that big of a deal to me; I just use pico now...

I haven't used a lot of HTML editors that weren't plain text editors as well, but Composer's ease of use got me to use it and try it out. Of course, part of the thing that deterred me was the speed... it's slow compared to just editing HTML and just reloading the page.

Another thing, not anybody's fault, but I had to clean up the HTML to my own personal distorted taste because there were a lot of tags that Composer put in the pages that I considered "messy". I would still recommend using Composer to beginners. It makes the job a lot easier and more simplified.