Whatever Became of Composer?

Saturday September 19th, 1998

On a slow news Saturday, Jason Kersey, the MozBin Admin, writes in with some questions for us. Jason asks, "What's happened to Composer? Is it dead? It seems that is has not changed since 4.0. Its toolbars remain the same and nothing has been added. Should composer be kept?"

What do you think?

#10 Re:Whatever Became of Composer?

by Joachim <>

Saturday September 19th, 1998 7:59 PM

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I think that the composer in its current state is just a cosmetic ingredients for the Communicator suite. If you gonna keep it, be more bold in your efforts and make a basic layout and text-editor not only for html but for all kind of writing and layouting; just make it simple but support added functions as plugins. If Microsoft can turn their Office 2000 suit into a html-editor using XML - then it must be possible for Netscape and the open software movement to do the opposite : turn the composer into a mini all round editor/layouter where anyone can add functions and toolbars by writing plugins (just like the navigator is expandable to show different contents by plugins). With a little luck a short term goal could be a program with some of ClarisWorks versatility and user-friendlyness. Microsofts plan is clearly to squash Netscape by integrating their browser with, not only Windows, but their entire Office suite. Netscape have to come up with something equal - and this is to expand their software platform.