Two New Localization Tools For Mozilla

Sunday September 5th, 1999

Localization efforts are underway to translate Mozilla into Catalan, and the people responsible have released the source code to their tool called "MozExpTool", which allows translators to do their work without ever having to handle a DTD or an XUL file. Jordi Mas writes, "...I released last week the first version of the first localisation public tool for the Mozilla project. Now, we have released 0.91. This tool does word counting, translation simulation, leveraging, and glossary import/export. It's going to be mirrored soon at Mozilla.Org. The binary for win32 and the source code are available under MPL. You can find more details here."

Next we have a Java tool created by Henrik Lynggaard called "MozillaTranslator", which automates much of the work, allowing you to focus on the translation. Henrik writes, "...I have created a small java tool, to help translate mozilla into various languages, and to help people maintain their translation.

The tool is released under MPL and can be found here.

There are some minor bugs but they will be fixed in the upcoming week. The most important right now was to get the first version out before school starts again."

#3 Quick Note on MozillaTranslator

by Lynggaard <>

Monday September 6th, 1999 12:23 PM

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The site has now been updated with version 1.02, which fixes a bunch of bugs