XML Article At SunWorld Mentions XUL

Saturday September 4th, 1999

XUL gets a mention in the article "Is XML changing the future of Web publishing?" currently online at SunWorld.

Thanks to Joerg Beierle for the news.

#5 No, just one application of XML

by jsaiya <>

Friday September 10th, 1999 9:40 AM

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The Computing Technology Industry Association ( <> ) has issues with the standard promoted by RosettaNet ( <> ). The RosettaNet standard is just one application of XML--in this case having to do with e-commerce.

The story was reported in the Detroit Free Press here ( <> ).

This is CompTIA's press release on the subject ( <> ).

XML has been a W3C recommendation since February 1998.

Just some condiments for your food for thought. :)

- Jim