XSL Coming To Mozilla? MathML Too?

Friday September 3rd, 1999

Jason Orendorff writes,

"Nisheeth [Ranjan] mentioned something very interesting in the August 22 status update:

'Currently working on plugging in an XSL processor into Gecko. The processor was recently contributed by Keith Visco (MITRE) to [...]'

This is huge, because XSLT support is among the key features that could make life a *lot* more fun for us Web developers in the future.

It's controversial, too, because a lot of Mozilla proponents have argued against XSL support, and in fact against XSL in general. But the XSL spec is maturing. It may be a Proposed Recommendation by the end of this month."

The bulk of the "controversy" is around XSL Formatting Objects, which have now been split off from the transformation spec (XSLT). I'd be terribly impressed if Mozilla has a functional XSLT processor by beta; it would show the power of Mozilla's new component system.

While I have your attention, I have also come across intimations that MathML might be entering the tree soon. This would mean more eyes on the code (and hopefully more coders). Keep your fingers crossed. If you weren't aware, the MathML code is being done completely by non-Netscape developers. Let's hope that the code goes in soon so that we can all lend our support.

#1 XSL Coming To Mozilla? MathML Too?

by Anon

Sunday September 5th, 1999 11:27 AM

When will this be included in Mozilla's unix builds ?

#2 DSSSL ???

by Anon

Sunday September 5th, 1999 11:27 AM

What about the DSSSL processor ? When will this be ready for usage ?

#3 Re: DSSSL ???

by wheezy

Sunday September 5th, 1999 12:55 PM

To my knowledge, DSSSL is more of a printed-page formatting language. The XSL spec does draw from DSSSL, but is much more specialized for the web. I'd be surprised if DSSSL were implemented in Mozilla any time soon....

#7 XSL Coming To Mozilla? MathML Too?

by arielb

Sunday September 5th, 1999 3:23 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if someone worked on a dsssl browser based on mozilla

#5 Re: XSL Coming To Mozilla? MathML Too?

by sdm

Sunday September 5th, 1999 1:55 PM

I was able to get transformiix to build on unix pretty easily with some tweaks to the makefiles and header names (changing DOM.H to dom.h for example). It builds fine. I haven't tried it yet - I'm not sure how it's hooked up to mozilla (right now it's just a command-line standalone executable).

#4 XSL Coming To Mozilla? MathML Too?

by wheezy

Sunday September 5th, 1999 12:59 PM

The XSL spec has matured so much, and added so much to the set of possibilities of XML. Regardless of any controversy over the specifics of formatting objects, XSLT and XPath (which were originally part of the XSL spec) are crucial. Period. Read the specs if you haven't yet, and you'll understand...

#8 XSL Coming To Mozilla? MathML Too?

by dbaron

Sunday September 5th, 1999 7:25 PM

The controversies about XSL are not about the specifics of formatting objects, but rather the concept itself. For an idea of the issues, see Haakon Lie's article and my post to www-style . (Well, there are probably also controversies about the specifics of formatting objects that I haven't heard.)

#6 XSL Coming To Mozilla? MathML Too?

by Anon

Sunday September 5th, 1999 2:37 PM

Oh... MathML has not been merged in yet?

I was wondering, none of my MathML stuff renders and I've been forced to use plugins. Go Mozilla!

#9 XSL is cool

by locka

Monday September 6th, 1999 6:35 AM

I haven't used the formatting objects, but the XSL translation stuff is very, very cool.

People may have bad-mouthed MS for jumping the gun with their XSL implementation, but I can tell you that it demonstrates the amazing potential this technology has.

Now if Mozilla were to commit to properly implementing (and tracking) the XSL spec, it would be another feather in its cap.

One thing further. It would be highly desirable for the XSL processor to build standalone. This would make it highly attractive for other applications such as server side processing. Imagine a module for Apache that could serve out HTML from XML/XSL. *drool*

#10 XSL is cool

by Anon

Monday September 6th, 1999 10:09 AM

Such a converter module already exist. Not for Mr. dumb idiot server "Apasche", bllllwwwwww, but for the Jigsaw Web-Server. Sucks in XML/XSL, throws out HTML or XML/CSS1(+CSS2 tables).

#11 Examples of XSLT

by Anon

Monday September 6th, 1999 11:11 PM gives many examples of the power of XSLT

#12 I just hope ...

by MattyT

Tuesday September 7th, 1999 12:10 AM

I just hope they don't put this in NN5 unless it's a web standard by then.