40,000 M9 Downloads In First Week

Friday September 3rd, 1999

Chris Hofmann of writes, "70,000 folks actually downloaded during the 5 weeks M8 was available and 40,000 people have already download M9 in the first week the milestone has been available.

The trend of people downloading, getting interested, and getting plugged in to mozilla and mozillazine seems to continue on an upward spiral.

Go seamonkey! ;-)"

You can check out the latest release for Win32, Mac, and Linux (three flavors) at the mozilla FTP site.

#14 M9 is pretty nice

by Anon

Saturday September 4th, 1999 2:52 PM

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I followed the other milestone releases basically in a download-compile-browse-crash-forget fashion, and I intended to do the same with M9. Well, I have gone to several sites that used to crash Mozilla, and M9 didn't crash. It's a lot more stable, I like it a lot. Mozilla rules. My congratulations to the developers.