40,000 M9 Downloads In First Week

Friday September 3rd, 1999

Chris Hofmann of writes, "70,000 folks actually downloaded during the 5 weeks M8 was available and 40,000 people have already download M9 in the first week the milestone has been available.

The trend of people downloading, getting interested, and getting plugged in to mozilla and mozillazine seems to continue on an upward spiral.

Go seamonkey! ;-)"

You can check out the latest release for Win32, Mac, and Linux (three flavors) at the mozilla FTP site.

#1 This is Great :-)

by Lynggaard

Friday September 3rd, 1999 6:35 AM

Well the subject tells it all, but one thing is forgotten.

the 40.000 is most likely NOT counting the ones downloaded from mirrors

#2 Hit statistics for and Mozillazine?

by Anon

Friday September 3rd, 1999 6:50 AM

Traffic stats on the Mozilla sites might also indicate the level of interest.

#3 Go Mo!

by asa

Friday September 3rd, 1999 7:40 AM

Can we get some stats from Bugzilla. I hope we see a proportional increase in the number of bugs reported.

#4 Go Mo!

by Anon

Friday September 3rd, 1999 7:49 AM

#5 mozilla uber alles

by sdm

Friday September 3rd, 1999 7:55 AM

total world domination!

#6 BeOS?

by ERICmurphy

Friday September 3rd, 1999 8:38 AM

Where is the BeOS version? I thought nightly builds and, of course, milestones would be available from here on out.

#19 BeOS? No go...

by Anon

Saturday September 4th, 1999 10:53 PM

I talked to the guy from Be (Duncan Wilcox), and he says they have yet to get M9 running on BeOS at all...Oh well, I guess we can stick with the much more stable and faster Opera and Netpositve and live without XML or whatever...

#20 BeOS? No go...

by Anon

Sunday September 5th, 1999 3:43 AM

According to the .builds group, BeOS has a problem building Gecko because it lacks the ability to do something just about every other modern OS can (i.e. link with a library at runtime that it doesn't link with at build time). OpenVMS has a similar problem.

Now I don't mean to start a flame war here, but surely this puts BeOS in a bad light, not Mozilla?

#7 But Mozilla's a failure, remember? ;) n/t

by Kovu

Friday September 3rd, 1999 8:40 AM



by hodeleri

Friday September 3rd, 1999 9:01 AM

Yet I don't have the time to build it myself :(


by petejc

Saturday September 4th, 1999 3:21 PM

this binary was posted Aug 30th


#9 Plus the development builds

by thelem

Friday September 3rd, 1999 11:07 AM

Don't forget that many people don't download the milestones, just the devlopment builds, so the number of total tester must be much greater.

#11 Plus the development builds

by Ben_Goodger

Friday September 3rd, 1999 5:17 PM

yes, I download nightlies for hacking purposes (the milestones are way out of date by the time they're released). I also download Milestones though for archival purposes (I collect web browsers)

#17 Plus the development builds

by Anon

Saturday September 4th, 1999 7:40 PM

Right on. I've started to try nighlty builds since I found a local (faaaast) mirror, near my workstation at the lab. And the nightly builds look amazing, definitely much more superior to the M9 build. Speed is incredible, and the usability in Linux has improved tremendously (no more blurring when scrolling with the arrows, for example). Every day things only get better. Go Mozilla! :-) (If only they'd fix the Dynamic HTML in Linux, I'd be a happy guy. :-) Gecko's Realm works, but no animation is displayed when rendering the page. All fine under Win32.)

#21 Plus the development builds

by Anon

Sunday September 5th, 1999 4:21 AM

Yes, I'm using a pre M10, and It is the very first usable for browsing :-) Good Work, I expect things to go better. A *fundamental* thing is that Mozilla support full and standard CSS 1, and some CSS 2. Yuri

#10 M9 Rocks!!!!

by Anon

Friday September 3rd, 1999 3:52 PM

I've seen people (maybe here or elsewhere) say that M9 was not that good and even that older milestones were better, but I d/l'd the source the other day. It built first time and is easily the best Moz yet.

Big respect to everyone at Mozilla!

#12 M9 Rocks!!!!

by gerbilpower

Saturday September 4th, 1999 12:21 AM

I agree, M9 is the best one yet. I've had trouble with previous milestones where they won't even load all the images completely and the back and forward buttons responding horribly (although they are still a bit buggy in M9). I don't have that problem with M9 and I'm looking forward to M11 . . . hell I want Netscape 5 now!

Keep up the great work everyone :)

#22 M9 Rocks!!!!

by Anon

Sunday September 5th, 1999 10:40 AM

Don't know where people got the idea that M9 "was not that good" - I'd actually say that that title should go to M8, which I found quite disappointing (slow, loads of crashes etc.). M9, on the other hand, is *far* better than M8 - it's actually looking like a "real" browser for the first time.

One thing though (mentioned a week or two ago on MozillaZine) - I think the Mozilla folks should build an *optimised* version and put that up as well as the debug ones (i.e. no DOS window/messages, no debug code and everything compiled with -O). That way, we can get a better feel about the final Mozilla is going to perform.

Oh, and I second that request for proxy support - this is a pretty crucial feature of any browser and I'm surprised we're only a few months away from beta and still no proxying !

#13 IE Sucks Sweaty Donkey Ballz

by Anon

Saturday September 4th, 1999 3:38 AM

Mozilla M9 is the best so far.

IE licks the hanging hairy huevos clean, baby...

[ Too many beers, I suppose...;-P ]

#24 but Moz is the Dog's Bollocks

by Anon

Sunday September 5th, 1999 4:04 PM


#14 M9 is pretty nice

by Anon

Saturday September 4th, 1999 2:52 PM

I followed the other milestone releases basically in a download-compile-browse-crash-forget fashion, and I intended to do the same with M9. Well, I have gone to several sites that used to crash Mozilla, and M9 didn't crash. It's a lot more stable, I like it a lot. Mozilla rules. My congratulations to the developers.

#16 I tell you what would be cool...

by Neroon6

Saturday September 4th, 1999 5:27 PM

Be great if there was a "try Mozilla now" icon, like the Get Netscape now" icon. I have one on my site and would be happy to put a mozilla version there too as I get loads o traffic. Also get a lot of questions on where best to get Moz info as its a developer site.

#23 I tell you what would be cool...

by Anon

Sunday September 5th, 1999 3:51 PM

That is a really good point. I don't have many viewers on my site, but still- the idea of a "test mozilla now" button on my site would be nice. (Of course, my X is broken, so I'm posting from lynx, but still :))

#18 I'd like to give it a try, but...

by Anon

Saturday September 4th, 1999 8:04 PM

...the proxy stuff is not working :( Hope that it'll make it for M10 so I can finally hammer my teeth into this thingy ;)

#25 Great, but....

by azdan

Monday September 6th, 1999 8:58 PM

This is great, I've downloaded since M5, I can't get into any server or mirror to download M9, who else has this problem??

#26 Great, but....

by azdan

Tuesday September 7th, 1999 7:12 PM

Nevermind, I got in, weird stuff

#27 First time can see well-rendered frames on linux

by Anon

Saturday September 11th, 1999 5:28 AM

It starts to look like 'real browser' now :) And pages looks OK even where Netscape failed. Hope that development will concentrate to speed improvements, 'cause it's still too slow...

#28 test

by Anon

Saturday September 11th, 1999 8:12 AM


#29 test

by Anon

Saturday September 11th, 1999 8:17 AM


#30 test

by Anon

Saturday September 11th, 1999 8:19 AM


#31 test

by Anon

Saturday September 11th, 1999 1:53 PM


#32 test

by Anon

Saturday September 11th, 1999 1:55 PM