StarOffice Now Free From Sun

Wednesday September 1st, 1999

Oliver Strutynski writes, "Sun has aquired the German software company Star-Division and is now giving away their product, StarOffice, for free. They also plan to release the source code under a 'community license'. Star-Office is an MS Office compatible office software running on a variety of platforms including Win32, Solaris, OS/2 and Linux."

From what I recall, StarOffice was free to individuals before Sun's purchase of StarDivision, but the release of the source code is a great step.

#11 Re: Source?

by MattyT <>

Wednesday September 1st, 1999 10:05 PM

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Not necessarily. It sends a message that the user community will accept the compromise, and that's a dangerous message to send to companies.

IBM, Apple and Sun all have had or still have licenses which don't meet the free software guidelines. If they don't meet it, they should be ignored, until they choose to make it free, and not treat users like Sun is doing them a favour.