Java Support In Mozilla!

Tuesday August 31st, 1999

Bill Lynch writes, "Java support is alive and well in Mozilla! According to the OJI page support was added as of the 29-Aug build. I downloaded the NT 31-Aug build and tested it with and it worked beautifully. By default it used my current JDK which is the jdk1.3beta with the most current build of HotSpot. I was curious to see how Swing (GUI) performed so I loaded up the SwingSet2 demo and it worked -- perfectly and it was fast!! One other interesting thing to note -- NO CRASHES. Apprunner held up fine during various tests. This is very cool."

#15 Java2 graphics speed

by macpeep

Saturday September 4th, 1999 1:53 AM

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While we're on the topic of Java 2 in Mozilla, I want to point out that Java 2 is *MUCH* slower than Java 1.1 in terms of graphics because of a well known bug. This bug (4185726) has been on the top of JDC's bugparade for almost a year now, and the last of the very few comments from Sun were added in February!

I for one would much rather see a stable and fast Java 1.1 plugin bundled with Swing than a slow Java 2 plugin with "built in" Swing support.

For those of you who didn't know, Java 2 can be up to *50* times as slow as Java 1.1 in graphics though usually the factor is closer to 2 than 50. In any case, you can see the graphics slowdown very clearly if you run an application that uses Swing. First run it with Java 2, then with Microsoft's jview or Sun's / IBM's Java 1.1 VM's and you will without a doubt add your bug parade vote to bug 4185726 at: