Java Support In Mozilla!

Tuesday August 31st, 1999

Bill Lynch writes, "Java support is alive and well in Mozilla! According to the OJI page support was added as of the 29-Aug build. I downloaded the NT 31-Aug build and tested it with and it worked beautifully. By default it used my current JDK which is the jdk1.3beta with the most current build of HotSpot. I was curious to see how Swing (GUI) performed so I loaded up the SwingSet2 demo and it worked -- perfectly and it was fast!! One other interesting thing to note -- NO CRASHES. Apprunner held up fine during various tests. This is very cool."

#11 Java Support In Mozilla!

by Anon

Thursday September 2nd, 1999 8:27 PM

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Hi there, my name is George Drapeau. I'm an engineering manager at Sun for the "Blackwood" project; one of my responsibilities is the OJI work.

We'd love to support OJI on Linux, but we have no resources right now to write a Linux JVM plug-in. If you can find one or do one, we can promise to support the OJI API side. It's our intent to support the OJI browser side of things on the Big Four platforms (Win32, Mac, Linux, Solaris).