Mac Needs an Alternative to Mozilla?

Monday August 30th, 1999

Apparently there is a bit of dissension in the Mac ranks over the state of Mozilla on their platform. According to one post at MacDiscussion, Mozilla is called "less than desirable in terms of the resources it uses and the general speed of the browser". Another post describes an average start time of 3.5 minutes (it should be noted that this is on a slower machine - a 180Mhz 604e). This is surprising to me, because this isn't the case on the Windows platform. If Mozilla actually is slow on the Mac, does anyone know why? Are these issues being addressed? I'm usually wary of posting comments like these so early in the development process, but these experiences run contrary to my experience with Mozilla, and I'm curious to know if others have the same issues on the Mac.

Thanks to George for this news.

#57 Not a 'walk in the park' in Wintel land, either

by Anon

Saturday September 4th, 1999 8:26 PM

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The slow loading and rendering times experienced by Mac users is definitely not unique to the Mac. I'm running a Windows machine at a horribly slow 100MHz, and I just downloaded and booted the M9 update of Mozilla. As with each previous build, it took a long time to load the first time (almost 5 minutes). While this can most definitely be linked to the CPU speed, I'm certain it isn't the sole problem. As mentioned in previous postings, the fact that the browser must talk back and forth with the Apprunner program and with various other components is a major contributor to the snail-pace loading. I must agree with those who have emphasized that this is ONLY a developer preview. To expect smooth sailing at this point in Mozilla's lifecycle would be ludicrous and just plain stupid (though we can always hope, right?). I mean, just look at Microsoft. They've been working on Windows 2000 (formerly NT 5.0) for what seems like ages. And it STILL isn't bugfree, nor will it ever be. Why? Because no programmer has perfect knowledge of any programming language (even if he or she authored or pioneered that language), and as such, no program can or will ever be perfect. Obviously, Mozilla will improve as the milestones progress, and performance will be much much better once a stable beta or even alpha version is completed. Right now, we're just nitpicking and looking for any possible error or downside that we can find, as though we were obsessed with perfection. In closing, I'd just like to remind everyone that this is a PREVIEW, and that it is barely a fraction of what the final release will be. So you can't exactly expect too much from it. It's like the auto industry. You wouldn't expect killer performance from a chassis and engine, with no instrument panel or steering wheel, and sitting on an assembly line with no axles or wheels...would you? Of course gotta slap some sheetmetal and paint on that baby before it's even remotely comparable to the finished product. Keep up the good work folks. If I understood half the stuff that was going into developing this project, I'd be right there lending a hand. But all I know is some Visual Basic, COBOL, and HTML. I'm so far behind I'll NEVER catch up! But I can always wish...