Mac Needs an Alternative to Mozilla?

Monday August 30th, 1999

Apparently there is a bit of dissension in the Mac ranks over the state of Mozilla on their platform. According to one post at MacDiscussion, Mozilla is called "less than desirable in terms of the resources it uses and the general speed of the browser". Another post describes an average start time of 3.5 minutes (it should be noted that this is on a slower machine - a 180Mhz 604e). This is surprising to me, because this isn't the case on the Windows platform. If Mozilla actually is slow on the Mac, does anyone know why? Are these issues being addressed? I'm usually wary of posting comments like these so early in the development process, but these experiences run contrary to my experience with Mozilla, and I'm curious to know if others have the same issues on the Mac.

Thanks to George for this news.

#55 On KDE dropping KFM

by Anon

Thursday September 2nd, 1999 2:27 PM

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Beg (see above) was starting a rumor that KDE would be dropping its browser, Konqueror (aka KFM). I just wanted to point out that this is not so. The KDE devel team is working very hard on the next generation KFM, which will have enhanced HTML, CSS and DOM support, as well as javascript and maybe even java. They are throwing CORBA in there and all sorts of cool things that will make this a very sleek file manager, and a fun, fast browser. So the rumor is not true. (But I have heard that Gnome will use Mozilla.) I personnally use KFM every day for my browsing. I like it a lot because op its combination of features (obviously more than Lynx, even if Mozilla M9 gives the stable version a serious run for its money), speed (much better than Navigator or Mozilla M9) and reliability (better than most, though not as good as Lynx, of course). So I really like it. But I believe that from a Mozilla standpoint, KFM is definitely not the "enemy". KFM is a lightweight, feature-rich browser. Mozilla is the fuul shebang, with everything you will ever need on the Web (which entails some sluggishness). They appeal to different crowds, or different web browsing. I know I will still use KFM when Mozilla 5.0 comes out, but that does not mean I will not rush Moz to my hard drive to try out on the coolest pages. Having to start up Netscape when KFM gives me attitude just ruins my day... :-) Cheers, and thanks to all Mozilla contributors.