Mac Needs an Alternative to Mozilla?

Monday August 30th, 1999

Apparently there is a bit of dissension in the Mac ranks over the state of Mozilla on their platform. According to one post at MacDiscussion, Mozilla is called "less than desirable in terms of the resources it uses and the general speed of the browser". Another post describes an average start time of 3.5 minutes (it should be noted that this is on a slower machine - a 180Mhz 604e). This is surprising to me, because this isn't the case on the Windows platform. If Mozilla actually is slow on the Mac, does anyone know why? Are these issues being addressed? I'm usually wary of posting comments like these so early in the development process, but these experiences run contrary to my experience with Mozilla, and I'm curious to know if others have the same issues on the Mac.

Thanks to George for this news.

#36 Mac Needs an Alternative to Mozilla?

by Anon

Tuesday August 31st, 1999 9:28 PM

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For those of you who think IE 5.0 on the Mac is going to bring speed enhancements - think again. You're dead wrong. The one thing more than any other holding up the IE 5.0 project at this point is performance - as recently as July, it was nearly twice as slow as IE 4.5 (which is in turn slower than Communicator 4.x). Even worse, I hear they're changing the IE UI to be more Windows-like (especially in OE).

Yes, the Mozilla browser is currently frustratingly slow on the Mac. (I've launched it on a Performa 6200 and it seemed to take about as long as it does for a Wintel PC to boot Windows 98 and then launch IE.) But c'mon, folks, it ain't gonna ship like that. Believe me, there are PLENTY of Mac aficionados inside Netscape that are working as well as they know how on improving performance and shipping a great Mac OS browser. And hey! - it's open source, so if you can pitch in, do it!

As far as the UI goes, well, if you don't like it, learn some XUL and create your own skin. Mozilla are providing the tools - it's up to all of us to use them to create that killer Mac-like UI. OK?

(I'll be working on a skin for Communicator 5.0 that replicates the wacky kids-style Appearance that was to have shipped with Copland, myself.)