Danish Version of Mozilla Nears Completion

Monday August 30th, 1999

Henrik Lynggaard Hansen writes, "I don't know if this is news or even important, but I have an (almost) complete translation of Mozilla to Danish lying on my hard-drive. It will be mailed to Tao from the I18N group sometime tommorow so hopefully it will appear in the nightly builds real soon..."

Great news! Henrik also writes that he's heard news of a Bosnian translation also in the works. Does anyone know how many official translations Mozilla has at this point?

#2 Mozilla Available in Bosnian

by Adnan <>

Tuesday August 31st, 1999 1:15 AM

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You can download build 199907614 with bosnian dtd files from <ftp://ftp-public.soros.or…pub/qss/>. If you intend to include Bosnian dtd files into the cvs tree please tell me that. I will send you then dtd files for the latest build.

As far as I know, only Henrik and we are localizing Mozilla.


Adnan Selimovic QSS, <>, Sarajevo