HTML 4.01 Now Recommendation

Friday August 27th, 1999

Nicholas Cull writes, "The World Wide Web Consortium has produced HTML 4.01 as a proposed recommendation. This clarifies and tidies up many issues from the HTML 4.0 specification, and prepares the way for XHTML 1.0.

This may involve some (fairly minor) changes to Mozilla, since among other things, it also comes with new Document Type Definitions for the three flavours (transitional, frameset and strict).

The document is in a review stage until 22 September 1999."

#1 HTML 4.01 Now Recommendation

by Lynggaard

Saturday August 28th, 1999 9:03 AM

I hope the changes are small enogh so Mozilla can incoporate them in the 5.0 release

#2 Link

by Anon

Saturday August 28th, 1999 9:34 AM

You can find the spec at the place below.

#3 HTML 4.01 Now Recommendation

by Anon

Tuesday August 31st, 1999 12:56 PM

HTML 4.01 is a Proposed Recommendation (as you mentioned in the text), not yet an official Recommendation, as your title suggests.

The changes look quite minor. Mostly, the changes are clarifications, and the few DTD changes can, I think, be folded into Mozilla with very few problems.

Does anyone know if Mozilla even treats Strict and Transitional documents differently? I would be surprised if it did, and the DTD changes from 4.0 to 4.01 are much less marked than the differences between HTML4 Strict and HTML4 Transitional.

-- jason

#4 HTML 4.01 Now Recommendation

by run2000

Tuesday August 31st, 1999 3:56 PM

Currently Mozilla treats Strict and Transitional identically. However, the plan is to make the Strict DTD invoke "standard" mode, while everything else invokes "quirks" mode for the rendering engine.

See bug 1312 -- -- for details.