New 'Credits' Page at

Friday August 27th, 1999

Dawn Endico has just posted to a "credits" page which lists contributors to Mozilla. Eventually, the page will come up when you type about:credits in the Mozilla location field. In Dawn's posting to the mozilla.seamonkey newsgroup, she writes, "I created the page by compiling a list of 614 email addresses. These came from the list of people with cvs access, people who are credited by their email addresses in the cvs checkin logs, and people who have submitted attachments to bugzilla. People whose names I already had were added directly to the list... At the end, I added some friends of the tree from the weekly status update and now have 544 names. (309 with cvs access 160 from the cvslog, and 70 from bugzilla)."

Pretty impressive list, I'd say. If you feel that you have been left of the list, or another important contributor is missing, there are instructions on how to submit a new name at the bottom of the credits page.

#3 Surprisingly, I was on the credit list

by Anon

Sunday August 29th, 1999 2:45 PM

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All the work I did was on the Mozilla Classic. And was dumped when they changed to NGLayout. Well, let's see if I will contribute again. I am not very fond of putting work into something that is flushed down the toilet.

I think it's better to limit the credit list to people who contributed substantially.

It seems (from the mozilla ng:s) that everyone and his brother wants to be on the credit list. Take my place then, I don't deserve it.