Mozilla != Netscape

Friday August 27th, 1999

There's an interesting thread going on in the mozilla.general newsgroup, titled "Netscape == Mozilla". Access it here or through (the meat of the dialog starts with the marked message on that page). I highly recommend taking a look at the thread, and I especially recommend paying attention to some of the comments from developers not associated with Netscape or, because the enthusiasm that they express is truly heartening.

I'd like to quote a little bit from a developer who's also a regular contributor in our forums. He writes, "The reception my suggestions and modifications have received from Netscape staff has never failed to amaze me...That a team be so responsive, so concerned with the ramblings of a single user... it makes me more and more convinced that this is the way software is meant to be developed... I feel so good about this project, so good that I routinely bore my friends to death with the morsel I just found in nsIMsgHdr.idl, or how the SmartSearch will make finding stuff faster, or what dialog I've added [addition] x to... This drive, this feeling I have would not have been completely possible without the encouragement offered."