Yet Another Huge IE Security Bug

Thursday August 26th, 1999

IE's hit with another security bug, this one called worse than Melissa by the team that discovered it. The bug comes from security flaws in IE's Java Virtual Machine. If you open an email message with malicious Java code using Outlook, Outlook Express, or Eudora (which uses IE's MS's HTML rendering code), you're infected. The bug only affects Windows 98 users and some Windows 95 users. To read more on this new vulnerability, check out the article at Wired News.

As an interesting side note, Edward Felten, known best for his testimony in the Microsoft Antitrust trial, is on the team that discovered the bug.

#5 Too true

by Tekhir

Friday August 27th, 1999 8:00 PM

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I agree with you 100%. This also reminds me of Money 99 and Encarta. Both have Web Like interfaces, hell I could write a web page in mozilla that looks exactly like them, which are in MSHTML. Or the Word 2000 file formats which use MSXML. MS has helped develop XML and a little HTML you would think they could at least follow the stuff they help write.

Oh well, I think I'll though an online party when M11 is release seeing as its the first beta.

BTW I was the anon poster, keep forgetting to login