M9 Is Out!

Thursday August 26th, 1999

John Thacker has the news!

"M9 is out! Get it here."

Versions for Win32, Mac, and Linux are available.

If you've already been there and done that, be sure to check out the nightly M10 builds. I think I read that they were merging the M9 branch in today.

#15 Mac version can't show mozillazine?

by Anon

Friday August 27th, 1999 11:42 AM

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Is it just me or is anyone else with the Mac version not able to read mozillazine? When comes up, I get the background, I get the banner ad, but that's it. Evertyhing below the banner isn't there.

Nothing on bugzilla about this that I could find, but considering mozilla is the default page you'd think it's so obvious someone would have added it by now.

Maybe I'm crazy.